First word, Yes you can easily convert EML files to PST format for free. In this writeup, I will walk through all the working steps. Apart from the free method, I will also list the most trusted third party EML to PST converter tools.

Even if you are not a techie, you can complete all of the tasks on your own. So, without wasting your precious time, let’s move to the conversion methods.

Methods to Convert EML to PST Format

There are two possible ways to convert the EML files and save in PST file format. Both the solutions are explained in detail.

Note: – Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages. I’ll explain in terms of normal scenarios. However, it is recommended that you take the most recent backup of your EML files before proceeding with the actions described below.

Method 1: – Convert EML to PST Manually for Free

This method is secure and recommended by Microsoft professionals. For this, Microsoft Outlook any version should be installed on your system and along with a configured profile. Now let’s move to the process of converting EML files to PST format.

Steps to Multiple EML Files

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook (Desktop) and Create a New Folder (right click on profile and click on New Folder).
    free convert eml to pst
  • After that open the folder which contains EML files and Outlook simultaneously (resize to half screen).
  • Select the EML files and drag them to the newly created folder in Outlook dashboard.
  • Now go to Outlook data file storage location and copy the PST file. Your task to convert EML to PST for free manually has been completed.

For Single EML Files:

  • Open folder which contains EML files and right click on one file at once
  • Click Open With and choose Microsoft Outlook
  • Find Outlook data file location and copy the PST

Limitation of Free Solution:

  • Preview of emails not available (Fix Outlook not responding issue.)
  • All emails will be displayed by same name
  • You cannot edit or add the emails
  • Formatting will be distorted

The preceding solution has only one advantage, and that it is free. However, as previously said, it has numerous drawbacks. The question now is whether there is a great option for converting EML to PST format. Let’s go on to the next part to get the answer.

Method 2: Third Party Paid EML to PST Converter Software

The limits of the free manual approaches are addressed in the preceding section. However, in this section, I will discuss third-party paid software that is available in the market to finish the EML to PST conversion procedure without any limitation.

All of the above tools have been thoroughly tested by me. I made a list in ascending order after receiving satisfactory findings.

Choose one of the best 5 EML to PST converters in the market.

  1. SysTools EML to PST Converter
  2. BitRecover EML to PST Converter
  3. Kernal Converter for EML to PST
  4. Aryson EML to PST Converter
  5. MailsDaddy EML Files to PST Converter

Note: – I have just listed the names, but in future I will explain the features as well.


You’ve reached the conclusion of this article, which means you’ve completed all of the processes for converting EML files to PST format. There are several limits to the free manual approaches. Aside from that, you have the option of using paid third party EML to PST converter software.

By Jeff Bongino

After finishing my bachelor's degree ( in computer science, I entered the technological world. I have invested 8+ years to understand technological gap and their solution. I love to share my finding here.